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Deluxe Nails Salon is a full service nails salon and spa. We offers a variety of comprehensive beauty services from manicures and pedicures, to personal waxing in a warmth, friendly, comfortable and relaxation environment. Complimentary drinks are always available.


Deluxe Nails Salon [Southlake] was established under a business chain [Deluxe Nail Salon] in the Summer of 2004. In July of 2009, a board certified cosmetologist, took over management of the business and moved Deluxe Nails Salon out of the business chain. Our main goal was to provide superior customer services that the business was lacking under the chain management. In doing so, we were able to provide a clean, friendly and comfortable environment for our customers. Deluxe Nails Salon always placed Customer's Satisfaction as our number one priority and we will continue to strive to maintain that goal.

At Deluxe Nails Salon, you can rest assured that we only hired board certified cosmetologist. We always provide you with the best and safest products in the industry. Our pedicure stations are equipped with the industry's latest pipeless technology for safety and bacteria free. We maintained our stations daily as required by state boards.

We always believed that you work hard and deserve the best, so why settle for anything less than excellence? Visit us today to experience what you deserve the best. Beautiful Nails and Superior Services!

Services Provided


01. Classic Manicure
02. Milk Manicure w/ Multi-Vitamins
03. Mint Tea Manicure (Real Cooling and Tingling)
04. Lavender Manicure (Soothing and Warming)
05. Chocolate Manicure (Pleasant and Comforting)
06. Sunkist Manicure (Relaxing and Fresh Orange/Citrus Scent)
07. Royal Verbena Manicure (O.P.I Products That Exfoliates, Revitalizes, Renews, & Protects Your Hand)
08. Gel Manicure


01. Classic Pedicure
02. Deluxe Pedicure
03. Mint Tea Pedicure (Real Cooling & Tingling)
04. Lavender Pedicure (Soothing & Warming)
05. Chocolate Pedicure (Pleasant & Comforting)
06. Sunkist Pedicure (Relaxing & Fresh Orange/Citrus Scent)
07. Milk and Honey Pedicure (Sweet and Soft Feeling)
08. Royal Verbena Pedicure (O.P.I Products - To Restores & Renews Feet to silky smoothness)
09. Gel Pedicure
10. Jell-O Pedicure (Helps Relief Stress & Aching Muscles)


01. Eyebrows
02. Half Legs
03. Lip
04. Full Legs
05. Chin
06. Chest
07. Under Arms
08. Back
09. Full Face
10. Bikini
11. Half Arms
12. Brazilian
13. Full Arms
14. Side Burn

Additional Services

01. Acrylic/ Solar Nail Fix
02. Toes/Hand Design
03. French/American or Color Tips
04. Polish Change (Hands)
05. Polish Change (Toes)
06. Take Off Acrylic/Gel
07. Gel Color Change

Artificial Nails

A. Full Set:
A1. Acrylic
A2. Acrylic French/American
A3. Solar Pink & White
A4. Solar Pink &White with Gel UV-Sealer
A5. Solar Pink & Color with Gel UV-Sealer

B. Fillings:
B1. Acrylic
B2. Solar Pink
B3. Solar Pink & White
B4. Solar Pink & White with Gel UV-Sealer
B5. Solar Pink & Color with Gel UV-Sealer

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions services include single lashes are glued on one by one to each of your eye lash. There are different lash lengths and thicknesses for you to choose from. With your desire, more lashes can be added for a fuller and thicker look, or less lashes for a more natural look.

01. New Set
02. Fill


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